Mar 2, 2017

Pet owners


Good morning to everyone,

This email is to ask/remind dog owners to clean up after their dog(s). Lately we have had several occasions of dog feces on our front yard and honestly i do not enjoy picking up after other dogs as we already have one of our own. we are able to see the recordings; however we strongly believe that we live in a community where people can respect others property without having to report anyone to authorities.

i thank you for your cooperation,

Christine J

New Posts
  • Roxanne
    Sep 21

    Has anyone had experience with erosion / holes forming in the ground around the basement steps? Any advice and/or contractor recommendations on fixing it? We've filled it with three bags of dirt and the rain keeps making more holes. It's not an animal from what we can tell. Our dog chases everything :)
  • golfteacher75
    Jan 16, 2017

    Looking for someone who can do some tile work in our bathroom. Have some drywall that needs some work as well. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  • glynnlo
    Jan 16, 2017

    We'll give this a shot and see if we can move some of the DN09 discussions onto the site. Feel free to reach out with comments or suggestions for the forums and/or site - you can use the contact form on the home page, or create a new thread called "Suggestions" in these forums!

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